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We’re all familiar with the phrase, “this call may be monitored and recorded for quality assurance purposes,” but that isn’t the only way that companies can use voice recordings. Here are 3 more ways you can use call recording to optimize your business operations.

1) Conflict Resolution – All businesses experience “he said, she said” and dealing with a customer who believes they have been given misinformation is challenging. Voice recordings provide a complete copy of what was said on both ends of the conversation, so there is no confusion. These recordings can be recalled at any time to hear exactly what an agent told the customer. If the agent misspoke, the company can then make the appropriate changes for the customer. If not, then the business has proof that there was no misinformation given out by them.

Archiving recorded calls and making them easily, and quickly accessible removes a lot of hassle and speeds conflict resolution. Searchable Voice Recording applications, like DATEL’s Call SWEET! Call Recording, enables users to sort and search recordings based on a variety of criteria such as calling number, date and time of call, and any additional tags placed on the call. This enables businesses to save time in searching, as well as handling disputes before they are elevated.

2) Training - Listening to actual customer interactions is one of the best ways to train new employees. By sorting recorded calls into different categories, such as “positive” and “negative”, “shipping” and “sales”, etc, supervisors have organized recorded calls on-hand.

Supervisors can even have employees listen to their own training calls, learning first hand the positive and negative aspects of a call, learning from their mistakes, and understanding the impact and flow of the interaction. This can be extremely helpful for new agents before they start handling customer calls. Call recordings make training faster, easier and more effective.

3) Productivity - The Hawthorne Effect shows that people are motivated to work harder if they know they are being watched, or in this case, heard! If employees know that their supervisors may be listening in on their calls, they will naturally be motivated to provide even better service. Of course, this doesn’t mean that agents can provide the best service without additional direction! When managers provide feedback after listening to their calls, agents have something to compare their calls to. Call recordings provide employees with a tangible learning tool and managers with a method of measuring agent improvement. By implementing call recording feedback into office operations, supervisors can help their agents be as productive as possible.

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