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After a recent survey of Contact Center Managers, DATEL Software Solutions has found some of the most common challenges they faced and what tools they used to overcome these problems. Here’s what they found:

1) Customer Disputes - One of the most common issues that contact centers face are handling customer disputes over the content of a telephone conversation with a representative. Several managers decided to use voice recording to play back calls and listen in on what information actually was provided. Others are able to look up information in call history records using a tool, such as Call SWEET!’s Call Data Viewer from DATEL, to see numerical data on previous calls. One sales director said that his business was able to use these records to prevent lawsuits, saving them thousands of dollars!

2) Uneven Distribution of Work - Another major problem that managers found in their call centers was an uneven distribution of calls. Certain employees were overworked, while others were letting their phones constantly ring. This not only meant unhappy agents, but also a possible increase in abandoned calls. Businesses that started using a contact center management tool, such as DATEL’s Call SWEET! Live, found that they were now able to see who was slacking on their call intake and enforce a more even distribution of work. By using a live-view application, supervisors can physically see who was on the phone at any given time. With historical reporting, they are also able also get information on individual agents and evaluate their performance. More agent accountability leads to better customer service.

3) Abandoned Calls - This is one issue that can cause a lot of grief for call center managers, and most don’t even know how many abandoned calls they have. Without a recorded history of this information, several surveyed businesses had no idea what percentage of calls they are missing. With an Abandoned Call Detail Report, they are now able to not only see how many abandoned calls each representative had, but they can also look up the information on those calls and make sure that the call is returned. With CRM integration, supervisors and agents can easily see if their calls are coming from current customers, business partners, or an outside number. That’s a lot of lost opportunities recovered!

Furthermore, they have been able to prevent having more abandoned calls with Supervisor Controls. With this tool, supervisors find that they have a lot more control in their call center and can be more proactive in its operations. If an agent is unavailable, but forgets to change their state, supervisors can remotely alter their status and prevent calls from ringing to an empty desk. This translates into fewer dropped calls and shorter answer times.

4) Under/Over-Staffing - Several managers responded by saying that had issues with managing their staffing into different groups. By using Call Disposition Codes, they are able to “tag” calls to see which types of calls were most common. This allows them to learn which areas need more agents and which need fewer, enabling a more productive and efficient workforce. With a Call Accounting tool, such as DATEL’s Call SWEET!, they are also able to find out when their call center’s peak hours were and manage staffing better for those times. With a more effective workforce, businesses have found that they could save money by better staffing their call centers.

5) Remote Site Control - In our technological world, more and more companies are expanding their contact centers across multiple locations and increasingly enabling a remote workforce. However, how can a manager truly know what their agents are doing when they can’t physically see them? Many supervisors have already discovered that it is crucial to have a contact center management tool that works across multiple sites, like DATEL’s Call SWEET! Live. With such a tool, these supervisors are able to see the statuses of their agents no matter where they were working from. By utilizing Supervisor Controls, they can also make sure that their entire workforce is functioning at their highest levels.

Contact center management is an important tool for call centers of all sizes. Such a solution provides businesses with the information and tools needed to successfully utilize these 5 best practices. The challenged mentioned above were all solved by solutions from DATEL Software Solutions.