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We all know that call accounting is a great tool used to increase productivity, reduce telecommunications costs and improve customer satisfaction in your business.  If you don’t have any knowledge about how many calls are coming in, when they’re coming in, how long each call lasts, etc., then how can you most effectively manage your team’s communications?  Still, it’s important to make sure that you are getting the best tool for your business.  When looking at call accounting software, one important aspect to consider is how the software is installed in your business.  Is it web-based or is it a desktop application?  And how is it installed?  These questions are important to consider when looking for new software, as they can affect how your business utilizes it.  Here are 4 advantages that we’ve found for using web-based call accounting software:

  1. Platform Independent – With web-based software, it doesn’t matter whether you use Windows, Mac or any other operating system to view the software, just as long as you’re connected to the network.  This can make it a lot easier for your managers to view the call reports they need, especially if different supervisors use different operating systems.  BYOD, anyone?  Web-based call accounting software is great for BYOD because you can open it on your laptop, tablet or other mobile device that’s connected to your business network.
  2. Less Installation – Since the reporting application is accessed via the web, it does not have to be installed on every single device.  That means that once the call accounting software is installed on a server, you don’t need to install it on individual users’ computers.  They can just login, access the application on the web, and get their reporting!  This minimizes installation and saves a lot of time for both your IT team and your department managers.
  3. Increased Mobility – Web-based software is great because you can access it from home, a different office location, coffee shop, or anywhere with an internet connection!  Just as long as you can remotely connect to your network, then you can get valuable insights into your calls.  If you suddenly have to work out of the office, then web-based software is a great way to still let you access the programs you need.
  4. Reduced User Error – One of the best parts about using a web-based call accounting program is that it holds up stronger to the general user error.  Now you might be asking yourself this: how does being web-based have any effect on reducing errors?  Well, for starters, the basic user cannot accidentally delete the program from their computer!  Now forgetting their password, well that’s another story.  Even still, managers can use their own administrative account to reset the user’s password, making it easier to manage.