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It seems like everyday there is a new device that consumers are using to communicate and share moments with their friends and family. These technologies have helped people connect more quickly than ever before. But how does this apply to modern businesses? To answer this question, it’s important to first consider the events that happen in a traditional call center:

A customer calls in, and their call is placed in a queue. Agents and managers work together to make sure that each call is answered in a timely fashion by managing workflow, balancing staffing and monitoring queues and agent activity. Traditional call center management solutions provide the tools to allow call centers to achieve these goals. Once the call reaches an agent, they are able to help the customer. Additional tools such as CRM integration, outbound dialers and click-to-dial functionality also help them increase efficiency and productivity.

However, once they hang up the phone, the agent’s work is not over! They must then take notes on the call, schedule a follow-up, send a confirmation email and much more. Very rarely do customer interactions involve only one medium. Even during the call, many additional tools, like CRM applications, are web-based. Call Centers are becoming Contact Centers because there are so many new ways to communicate. Multimedia is everywhere, and when businesses use multiple avenues of communication, it is important to understand how to manage all of these new technologies.

By introducing a multimedia management solution, a business can increase access to its customers. These solutions combine email, web chat, voice and more into one place, letting supervisors not only manage, but also monitor and gain vital metrics on all contact center activity. This simultaneously simplifies handling customer communications for both managers and agents because everything is consolidated into a single location. Agents can smoothly manage their customer interactions easier than ever before.

These tools are especially valuable for small and medium-sized businesses because these companies are actively working to greatly increase their customer base. Without the tools to manage customer interactions, it can be difficult for agents and managers alike to keep track of multiple channels of communication. It’s important, when looking for a contact center solution, to make sure that it will fit all of your business needs. Some solutions that are now being offered are cloud-hosted, such as Contact SWEET!, making it easier for businesses to start managing their communications without having to increase their IT infrastructure and maintenance. Remote hosting provides a more cost-effective solution that makes it easier for businesses to start using and increasing their options for customer communication.

Making it easy to communicate with your customers is a great way to peak interest in new customers and gain customer loyalty. Customers who experience exceptional customer service are likely to recommend their friends. That’s the best kind of marketing because it’s free! As a bonus, adding more options also increase the variety of work for agents, which has been proven to result in a happier workforce and higher retention rates. This not only saves money on training new agents, but makes for a more positive, productive work environment. Happier agents provide better service to their customers. With a straightforward solution, managing a contact center doesn’t have to be complicated.

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