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In late February of 2013 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) submitted a Report to Congress for the Legal and Regulatory Framework for Next Generation 911 Services. As the transition from legacy 911 to NG911 continues, this report is an important step towards putting in place a nationwide, regulatory infrastructure. The 59 page document spells out a number of recommendations, including several that have potential to impact organizations and how they currently handle E911. As stated in the report: it “sets forth recommendations for Congress on how to best navigate the complicated transition from legacy 911 to NG911 networks and to regulate NG911 service in the future. We first make recommendations for a legal and regulatory framework on both the state and federal levels for the administration of NG911 service. Second, we explore possible legal mechanisms that would ensure efficient and accurate transmission of 911 caller information to emergency response agencies. Third, we make recommendations for the elimination of regulatory roadblocks and outdated state and federal 911 regulations.” Among the recommendations:

  • Congress should support neutral third party testing programs and testing requirements for location technology to ensure that NG911 location components are transmitting accurate location information. Providers of NG911 services will be required to coordinate with third party vendors and manufacturers to ensure location accuracy.
  • Congress should provide incentive for states to become “early adopters” of NG911 through grants and other competitive funding programs.
  • Congress should promote the development of location technologies that are able to support all NG911 applications on any network or device.
  • Congress should encourage the collection of additional information to the master PSAP registry. This information could include data on PSAP capabilities, support for voice, text, video, multimedia; or connection to state or regional ESInets. “Addition of this information would help facilitate coordination among state, regional and local PSAPs, and would assist third party service providers or validated call centers in accessing PSAP contact information as it changes in the transition to NG911.”

To read the complete Report: http://transition.fcc.gov/Daily_Releases/Daily_Business/2013/db0227/DOC-319165A2.pdf

To view a map of states that currently have some form of E911 legislation enacted, visit www.911etc.com/legislation.