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Within the changing landscape of telecommunications, 911 must be able to adapt to the evolving needs of the enterprise. As organizations continue to flatten, consolidate and extend (FCE) their networks utilizing IP and SIP, the ability to bypass traditional PS/ALI and utilize a Voice Positioning Server for E911 becomes a possibility. Enterprises can route their 911 calls to the nearest Public Safety Answering Point via a centralized, cloud-based service and cut significant cost and effort involved by doing so.

Ultimately, the goal for any enterprise should be to keep E911 as simple as possible while ensuring the safety of their people. Questions to ask include: “Just how granular do we really need to get?” “How much location information should we convey to ensure accurate location information without confusing emergency responders?” “Should we attempt to do it ourselves, or have a third party manage the ongoing needs associated with E911?”

UCaaS providers must be able to provide automatic phone location discovery and tracking of customer IP phones, as well as on-site security emergency call monitoring, notification and misdial protection features. Ensuring that all of these pieces are in place is imperative for any organization desiring to provide the best level of E911 protection available for their people. The varying levels of state legislation and regulations regarding E911 must also be taken into consideration.

As an Avaya Select Product Program partner, 911 ETC has been providing hosted, fully managed E911 service for 15 years. The company has earned a reputation for offering a solution that is best for the customer in the most simple and cost-effective manner available. Hundreds of small businesses, government sites, universities, healthcare facilities and Fortune 100 corporations currently benefit from the hosted E911 offerings of 911 ETC.

For more information on flattening, consolidating and extending and what it means for E911, visit http://www.911etc.com.