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Contact centers are increasingly utilized as a source from which enterprises can gather real-time insight to critical data. When company executives have easy access to this information – whether they are stationary at their desks or mobile – it can translate into a significant difference between profits and losses.

Selecting the right contact center software to help capture this information is essential. When using solutions that help properly collect and manage information, it is probable that the organization is informed and plugged-in to statistics that can answer questions and solve issues. Business intelligence software is a big business – a $10 billion-plus industry. This software helps companies decipher data in meaningful ways. Speech and data analytics rank high in this market; contact centers likely have thousands upon thousands of hours of conversation recorded and siloed. Speech analytics includes recognition software that can zero-in on the phrases or words that can help to categorize various calls and customers. Data analytics is best used on textual data, including screen actions and PDF files. Most business intelligence functionality integrated into contact center software should increase profits by driving up customer satisfaction, minimizing operating costs and providing more visibility into business processes.

Market research often helps identify the exact reasons why a sales or marketing campaign fails or succeeds, or why a section of the customer base is jumping ship and going with another brand. But business intelligence tools analyze that data which holds all the answers, often negating the use of third-party market researchers.

Bringing business intelligence tools into the customer service environment also assists in addressing compliance issues. Organizations often are amazed at their value and usefulness in mitigating risk.

Zeacom, a provider of multimedia contact center solutions, offers software that is proven to meet the needs of the next generation customer service division. The company’s robust offerings are designed to tap into and capture that information that can deliver value for the enterprise.