How are you leveraging your everyday customer conversations? Do you have a quality monitoring and recording program in place to take advantage of the customer interactions that are already taking place with your staff?

Call recording and quality management software can be an affordable tool to help your employees improve customer service delivery. Most companies have basic forms of measurement in place to examine call duration and volume. But sometimes the ability to understand the context of an interaction can trump the value of those linear measurements. The understanding that can be gained from a sample of real-life customer interaction recordings can sometimes provide more context and more clues about how to improve customer service, company procedures, and the business in general than a thousand metrics.

Equipping your managers and staff with the tools to leverage every day interactions for training and process improvement doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. Zeacom and Enghouse Interactive offer affordable, easy-to-use quality management software that equips your staff with the tools that they need to examine business processes in action and improve customer service delivery. Contact your account manager today to discover how you can benefit from call recording and quality management software.