Partner: Enghouse Interactive

Just a few years ago, security was often an afterthought in contact centers, and many companies couldn’t have imagined the lengths they would need to go to (and pay for) to protect customer information.  Adhering to HIPAA or PCI regulations, implementing voice and data encryption, and managing a secure network that often connects both on-premise and cloud-based applications can easily become an all-consuming task.

For contact centers, at the heart of the challenge are the customer communications themselves. Increasingly these are omni-channel, spanning voice, email, instant messaging, SMS, social media and even video.  And agents may now be working anywhere, across physical locations, even at home.

Security experts often say that enabling effective security begins with assessing risks, a task that requires the examination of system and network vulnerabilities.  With contact center technologies, this examination gets more complex as there are many interconnected components and, by the very definition of customer interaction, the system requires exposure to the outside world. 

A key element to ensure effective security is to have the contact center engine running on a secure solution, with secure access rights, interactions handled on a secure network, and a protected database. The Enghouse Interactive Communications Center product (EICC), which manages intelligent routing and agent productivity across all channels of communication, is one such system. This system is capable of adapting to the security characteristics of its environment, from Windows-protected login access to secure web sites for chat/IM communications.

Different challenges arrive when there is a requirement to record conversations, often needed for legal compliance or to ensure high-quality communications. The Enghouse Interactive Quality Management Suite (QMS) offers options to encrypt recorded calls so that there is no ability for unauthorized intruders to listen in.  Furthermore, the software allows agents or automation to turn off recording when secure information, such as social security numbers or credit card information, are spoken.  Having software that enable agent productivity and quality management while providing built-in security makes security concerns significantly more manageable.

Trends in contact center communications make security measures critical.  As we become more and more globally connected across mobile endpoints and even through the emerging Internet of Things, the impact a breach can have on a company’s reputation is increasingly challenging. Built-in security measures can help contact centers on the path to a more secure environment, just by purchasing a well-structured solution. 

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