Partner: Calero

Did you know that call accounting software can be configured to alert system administrators to potential hacker activity or misuse of your switch? The software can be programmed to send an alert when call metrics fall outside the boundaries of what has been previously defined as normal. For example, excessive calling, calls to flagged numbers, long distance or international calling without proper authorization – all of these activities can trigger threshold alerts. The alerts can be sent by email, or a report can be printed immediately upon completion of any suspicious call. Rapid access to this information will enable you to identify and eliminate hacker activity and misuse before it gets out of hand.

Threatening or offensive calls can be traced back to the caller and then addressed through appropriate authorities. Ad hoc reports can be generated that show every call that meets specified criteria, such as source or destination number, date range, time of day, and more.

With today’s inexpensive landline rates, employees are seldom “written up” for occasional personal calls. Unfortunately, misuse of the telephone often involves more consistent and substantial abuse – adding up to hours of lost productivity. That’s when having the documentation provided by a call accounting system proves invaluable.

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