Partner: Intelepeer

Investing in SIP-enabled cloud communications inherently raises security concerns. The fact is that customers can reap the financial rewards the cloud delivers and protect their network and data. Selecting the right service provider is the key to help mitigate risks.

IntelePeer provides a highly redundant network with high availability for your clients. Additionally, IntelePeer has the expertise and SIP Trunking security technologies your clients can depend on, including:

  • Up to 4096 bit Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption/Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) encryption; the strongest commercially available!
  • DoS/DDoS prevention and toll fraud prevention
  • Dynamic blacklisting to block bad IP addresses
  • Geographically redundant SIP Trunking
  • Ability to run OTT (Over the Top) or via dedicated facility to one or more IntelePeer data centers.
  • UC systems’ certifications for Cisco, Avaya and Microsoft, ShoreTel and more!

IntelePeer offers the strongest commercially available security services, supported with expertise built by working with a wide range of SIP hardware and multi-vendor networks. It’s what makes IntelePeer one of the most trusted IP providers in the industry.

Download a SIP Security Whitepaper!
Security awareness has never been higher. In this Security Whitepaper, we can help you get a new perspective on ensuring privacy and integrity of communications as well as secure routing of communications over main corporate Internet and data connections.