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Social Media Interactions Through Contact Center Software Deliver Strategic Advantage to Managing Customer Relationships, Service and Support

The practice of call centers managing customer service has evolved from simple voice conversations to multimedia interactions, such as communications through social media. Fortunately, contact center software can help in the process, improving social interactions and effectively integrating them into the call center environment.

Contact center software that is gaining attention in a social interaction-focused industry is that which leverages the power of role-specific user interfaces for managers, agents and supervisors. The right solution should offer its own “listener” capability within the contact center environment, and the potential to integrate with various CRM products and systems. This is significant, as a number of larger enterprises have already made such investments.

To shake things up a bit in the contact center software market, companies should focus on the more efficient handling of social media contacts, especially those that require a response from the company. These contacts should be identified and routed to the appropriate agent or group of agents so they can be addressed accordingly.

Social media continues to be a growing communications channel for customers, growing to the point where enhanced offerings from companies like Zeacom provide specific tools to interact effectively with customers.

Robust contact center software will allow the right company representative to take ownership of an issue. This helps to avoid double posts. When working with Facebook or Twitter, customer  interaction can be chaos without this tool.
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