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Dan Maniu, Telecom Manager, IT Architecture for the Americas explains the difference using proactive voice quality monitoring has made to him and his team.

“We provide communications services in 12 locations across the US, Canada and Latin America, including IP telephony, conferencing and Webex, Maniu explains. Before deploying UC management we found that even with refined troubleshooting processes and network tools it was very difficult for us to identify where and why UC performance issues started.”

This lack of insight meant it took more resources to address and resolve problems. Maniu continued,  “Addressing issues meant that our support ratio architecture was affected because Level 3 support spent time fixing day-to-day issues which took them away from strategic projects. We worked somewhat ‘blindly,’ based only on feelings.”

This resulted in longer troubleshooting times, longer partial or total IP phone outages and frequent disagreements between network and telecom teams. There was both business risk and financial impact.

Maniu implemented communications monitoring in all US locations comprising more than 1,200 administrative phones and over 350 contact center phones. What he learned proved to be invaluable in helping him analyze, re-design and implement dedicated VoIP VLans. The separation of voice and data ensured a smooth deployment of new UC technologies and by providing visibility into the VoIP network enhanced the teams’ abilities to quickly troubleshoot system problems.

Thresholds monitor system health against operational conditions and are fine-tuned so that administrators do not receive alert floods, and incorporate scheduled peaks, troughs and outages. Recently Maniu was alerted to deterioration of network connectivity (using MPLS
technologies) between the US and overseas. This
meant that vital information could be provided to the carrier as well as validating the carrier’s action plan to resolve the issue.

Any deviation from normal parameters identified in an early phase may be adjusted in record time, avoiding expensive outages. Maniu is enthusiastic about this capability and added “This has really helped reduce operating costs and I don’t imagine my day to day activity without it.”

* In 1969, Jean-Claude Labrune founded Cegedim (CEntre de GEstion, de Documentation, d’Informatique et de Marketing) with the initial vocation of pooling pharmaceutical companies’ IT resources and document research expertise.