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Were you ever shocked to learn the true cost of something you take for granted? For example, you might pay a small co-pay for a routine medical procedure and later see the true cost defrayed by your health insurance. Or you’re marveling at the low cost per mile of travel by car, and someone points out the billions of dollars that it took to build the oil refineries and gas stations and highway infrastructure that make auto travel even possible.

Yeah. Telecom is like that.

Fixed and mobile communications systems are among the most widely-used and critical tools in the success of every business or organization. And yet we generally treat telecom services like water from the tap or electricity from the outlet – as though they are free. Which they aren’t, of course. But even employees who are sensitive to this and want to save their company money may not know how. When they don’t know what they’re spending – when they don’t know how costs relate to usage – they can’t make informed decisions to spend less.
However, every employee CAN make smart business decisions about telecom use when they have the right information. Here are three ways that employees can help manage telecom costs.

1) Boost Productivity

One of the ways employees can contribute to the company is by increasing productivity for their area of responsibility. Simply knowing HOW communications are being used, even without cost data, can arm employees with information that helps them optimize their own productivity. The types of information that might help employees self-manage their productivity include: how long they are on the phone overall, how frequently they talk with specific customers or vendors, and what numbers they call most frequently.

2) Optimize Usage

If employees had a way to see the costs of all their calls, they could get a better feel for the attributes of usage that contribute to the company costs. For example, employees might plan business calls more carefully if they received reports each month showing the total cost of their calls to different countries, or costs by time of day, or the frequency of calls to specific numbers. Employees could adjust their wireless plans or usage of their company-owned mobile phones if they received monthly reports on the cost of their voice, data, and messaging charges, including overages, other purchases, third party charges, and other charges from the wireless provider.

3) Analyze Spend

Sounds great, right? The only problem is that most companies can’t provide employees with telecom cost and usage reports, because they don’t have the necessary analytic technology and tools. Along the same lines, fewer than 10% of companies have a formal policy regarding personal use of company desk and mobile phones – not because they don’t care about saving money, but because they don’t know the cost of personal use. That’s a shame, because the technology is available. For example, for Avaya telecom systems, there are call accounting solutions that make it easy to collect, analyze, and report on wireline usage and costs. These types of call accounting solutions can provide employees with the feedback they need to modify their behavior and treat telecom as the valuable – and costly – business resource that it is.

Only when they understand how they are using telecom resources and what it’s costing their company can employees be more proactive in their user of those resources. A telecom usage and expense reporting tool that provides easy and automated ways to distribute personal usage and cost information gives employees just the information they need to help manage productivity and costs for their employers.

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Veramark eliminates telecom distractions for organizations that demand value from their communication investments. We leverage the power of intuitive technology and problem-solving people to simplify telecom management and convert complex data into actionable intelligence. We ensure that our customers need what they buy, buy what they need, and pay what they should for telecom. Veramark solutions are used by over 3,000 government organizations and business enterprises around the world.

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