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Disposition codes are a great tool that businesses can use to learn more about their customers.  The more you know about your target audience, the more you can tailor your business to fit there needs, the more opportunities you can create.

Disposition codes can be a great tool for your business and your contact center.  They provide an easy way for agents to organize and sort their calls based on any parameter, such as new vs. existing customers or questions on multiple different products.  Supervisors then use disposition code reports to see what types of calls they receive most frequently.  This information can be used in different departments throughout your business, helping you learn a lot about your customers and how your company is interacting with them.  With the information from disposition codes, you can make better decisions towards increasing the efficiency of your business and creating more opportunities.  Here are several different ways that you can start using disposition codes in your office today:

  1. “How Did You Hear About Us?” – By understanding how your new customers are finding your business, you can learn more about which marketing campaigns are most successful.  If a lot of people found out about your company from a television advertisement, but only one or two found it from the newspaper ad, then you might want to consider placing more of your marketing budget into television advertising.  Have agents ask customers about how they found your business and enter a disposition code based on that answer.  Use reporting on disposition codes to discover where to best place your marketing budget.
  2. Evaluate Sales Team Progress – Have agents label the outcomes of all of their sales calls to see how successful each call is.  If your team has mostly positive outcomes from their calls, then you know that they are able to make each call count, and that they are spending their phone time well.  However, if there is one team member that is not having success with a majority of calls, you may want to give them some extra assistance or training.  Perhaps they are spending too much of their time on an account that is not paying off.  Instead, help them refocus their energy on different opportunities that will be more successful and create more opportunities.
  3. Expand Your Business – When you’re thinking about expanding your business or adding a new location, you want to know exactly where you will be most successful.  You can use disposition codes to track where potential customers are calling in from, or how far a potential customer would be willing to travel.  By getting your customers’ input, you can learn a lot more about where exactly your customers are, and how you can reach them more often.  This can be especially helpful for any business that ships or delivers products to their customers because it can increase travel efficiency.

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