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Distributed or centralized SIP trunks? This is a key question for many large distributed organizations contemplating the move from TDM to SIP trunking access services. There is no doubt that SIP trunking saves money, increases business agility and provides access to a wider range of services than TDM trunks. The question is: Which SIP trunking topology is best for organizations that do business in multiple locations?

Recent research by Acme Packet indicates the market favors centralized SIP trunking topologies. We blindly surveyed over 100 medium to very large enterprises in the US and Europe and learned nearly 60% are planning or implementing a centralized SIP trunking topology. This is no surprise because organizations save the most money when they use their private data network to backhaul traffic to a central location, such as a data center. This topology reduces the number of SIP trunks that must be leased from service providers, simplifies operations and administration and enables better policy control.

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