Carousel Voice can help you communicate the way business does today.

Carousel Voice is fast becoming the technology of choice for businesses worldwide. Featuring Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Carousel Voice opens the doors to higher productivity, better mobility, and flexible cost savings in an era of tight budgets and tough competition.

Increase productivity with voice, email, web, IM, and social media all in one place. Integrate video, wireless access and data with ease.

Be more mobile with one phone number for all devices, even smartphones. Collaborate securely on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Control and reduce costs with an efficient, unified phone and data network. Virtually eliminate move, add, and change expenses.

Affordable, one-stop solutions.

Carousel Industries is recognized as one of the top technology integrators in the United States. We design, deliver, manage, and support the world’s best unified communications solutions—including voice, data, wireless, and video solutions.

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The Carousel team was awesome, from the salespeople, to the sales support staff, to the design engineers, the project managers, [and the] implementation technicians. We all gelled.

Jim Osieczanek
Telecommunications Supervisor, Rollins, Inc
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