Recorded On: February 11, 2016

Recorded Webcast with CIO of Oral Roberts University

How are you leveraging your enterprise network to better engage with your target audience? A network can be more than just access points, as seen at Oral Roberts University (ORU), where the strength of their wireless network allows them to connect students across the globe to the local campus in Tulsa, OK.

Join Mike Mathews, CIO of ORU, as we discuss his strategy behind creating a global digital society. Learn how ORU creates a truly connected campus, where students can attend lectures and events remotely – with the same experience as those onsite. Gain insight on taking your network to the next level and evolving your customer experiences to where they want them to be.

During the webcast, explore how to:

  • Optimize your network to improve your customer experience
  • Analyze network data to better understand your customers
  • Use trailblazing technologies to achieve your vision

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