Recorded On: May 8, 2013

73% of all Enterprises have been hacked in the last 2 years thru insecure Web Applications

The First Web Intrusion Deception System – No False Positives! Juniper Networks® Junos® WebApp Secure is a Web Intrusion Deception system that does not generate false positives because it uses deceptive tar traps to detect attackers with absolute certainty. Junos WebApp Secure inserts detection points into the code and creates a random and variable minefield all over the Web application. These detection points allow you to detect attackers during the reconnaissance phase of the attack, before they have successfully established an attack vector. Attackers are detected when they manipulate the tar traps inserted into the code. And because attackers are manipulating code that has nothing to do with your website or Web application, you can be absolutely certain that it is a malicious action—with no chance of a false positive.

IT security professionals know that false positives diminish the effectiveness of any security program. By using this certainty-based approach, Junos WebApp Secure solves this problem for Web attacks. Furthermore, this product works out-of-the-box and improves your Web application security. There are no rules to write, no signatures to update, no learning modes to monitor, and no log files to review—just attackers to prevent.

Join Carousel Industries and Juniper Networks to learn more about:

  • The cost of an attack and its impact from a business and technology perspective
  • The tools and methods of today’s hackers.
  • The Anatomy of a Web Attack
  • Junos WebApp Secure advantage Key differentiators

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Recorded On:
May 8, 2013

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Derek Kearley
SR System Engineer, Juniper Networks

Derek is a network professional, starting his career in network management and operations, he gained a strong foothold in networking technologies. Derek has been a network Systems Engineer since 2000 at Nortel, and is now at Juniper Networks, working to ensure “The New Network” is optimized for performance and security.