Recorded On: November 20, 2013

In a workplace emergency, a person’s first instinct is to dial 911 and expect critical help to be dispatched without delay.

And in traditional telephone networks, these assumptions remain true. But everything changes with IP voice and Unified Communications.

Traditional 911 cannot support nomadic users, remote workers, detailed location information or centralized infrastructure; challenging the very foundations of workplace safety and security.

Is your enterprise secure? Are your employees safe? Is your enterprise compliant with state and federal E911 legislation and regulations? In an emergency, what’s put at risk if your organization isn’t protected by a complete 911 solution?

Join 911 Enable and Carousel to learn how 911 Enable’s simple to deploy solution can support all your enterprise users no matter the complexity or distribution of your voice network, with next generation technology that can save lives and change outcomes when the worst case scenario arrives.

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