Recorded On: April 24, 2013

Today’s Network Requires More Visibility and Control

The IT and network organizations within enterprises are challenged more than ever to serve users with a diverse set of application and network access requirements based on user or device profiles, location, and presence. The need for the network to understand user and device "presence," as well as location "awareness" from an identity-oriented approach has become critical as organizational changes rapidly occur and as the workforce becomes more agile.

The Solution: User, Device, Location and Presence Awareness

Extreme Networks Identity Manager, with the ExtremeXOS® modular operating system and Ridgeline™ network and service management software, brings user, device, location, and presence awareness in networks, and helps in enforcing corporate policies at every network point of entry.

Join us for a webinar to learn how the Extreme Networks Solution will:

  • Reduce IT Support Costs for Enterprises
  • Reduce Compliance and Audit Costs
  • Leverage Existing Network Infrastructure And Increase Network Availability

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