Recorded On: April 16, 2015

Studies show that consumers are willing to pay more for a better service experience. What are you doing to make your customer service stand out?

In part two of our Managed Private Cloud webinar series, we will discuss this question and the unique ways Simplicity Video is helping companies enhance their customer service.

In just one click you can provide access to help via video chat. Or deliver a tech support advisor who can see what's on a user’s screen. The ways are limitless to engage customers with instant access to friendly help. With most users comfortable using video applications like Skype or FaceTime – now is the time to position effective video engagement!

Topics include:

  • Why the timing is right for engaging customers via online video
  • How to entice customers with ease of access and complimentary “click to schedule” services and more
  • Real-life examples of corporations using video to drive satisfaction while saving on hardware investments (Not sure about this one, we’re not going to have any embedded video CI customers to give as examples prior to this meeting.)
  • Change the way you engage your customers in order to win on the new engagement/relationship battlefront, face-to-face online.

Join us for Part 3 and 3 of the webinar series:

Part 3: How to Compete in a Virtual Reality: Finding Variable Cost, Low Overhead, OPEX Ways to Compete.

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