Recorded On: April 9, 2015

Organizations everywhere are looking for the best ways to use cloud technologies to maximize efficiencies, minimize costs, and increase effectiveness.

Research shows the strong business trend towards cloud solutions is continuing. This market demand is driven by cost savings and a desire for a ‘pay as you grow’ scalable model. However, with increasing security and compliance requirements combined with increased access costs in accessing conferencing solutions across the public Internet customers are beginning to look for on-premise cloud solutions for high bandwidth applications such as video. Enter Simplicity Video, Managed Private Cloud from Carousel.

Carousel is pleased to announce that we will have three exclusive 30-minute webinars around the topic of “Simplicity Video - Managed Private Cloud: How to Deploy, Manage, and Operate.”

The first webinar co-hosted by Andrew Davis, Senior Analyst and Partner at Wainhouse Research is entitled, “Video Managed Private Cloud: Solutions Designed for a Market in Transition.”

During this webinar, Carousel Industries and Wainhouse Research are teaming up to walk you through the increasingly rapid pace of market innovation and the transitioning needs or organizations from SMB to Global Enterprise. We will discuss private video cloud environments and share their best practices on evaluating, designing, and deploying...

You’ll walk away from this webinar with a fundamental understanding of:

  • Traditional CAPEX models vs. Simplicity® Video Cloud’s OPEX pay as you grow model
  • The tremendous organizational benefits of customized and integrated solutions.
  • Elastic and instantly scalable options to react to changing needs
  • Convenience of anywhere and anytime without the need to reserve capacity
  • Cloud security – promoting the use of best practices for providing security assurance

Join us for Part 2 and 3 of the webinar series:

Part 2: Creating a Dynamic Online Experience for New Business Opportunities

Part 3: “How to Compete in a Virtual Reality: Finding Variable Cost, Low Overhead,
OPEX Ways to Compete

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