Recorded On: March 27, 2013

Accountable Care: The Role of Video Collaboration in Solving Today’s Healthcare Challenges

Healthcare organizations the world over are turning to Polycom video collaboration solutions to improve care and reduce cost. Collaborative healthcare solutions from Polycom enable patient centered care, multi-disciplinary team support, reduction of unnecessary re-hospitalizations, and collaboration across the entire healthcare team independent of physical barriers. There are many reasons why eight of the top 10 hospitals and the top ten pharmaceutical companies worldwide are Polycom customers.

Join us for a webinar to gain a better understanding of how collaborative video solutions address the following healthcare challenges:

  • Creating Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s) which are dependent on collaboration across diverse businesses
  • Reducing unnecessary re-hospitalizations through better case management and collaboration across healthcare delivery
  • Addressing new emerging models of care

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Recorded On:
March 27, 2013

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Dr. Deborah A. Jeffries
Director of Global Healthcare Marketing, Polycom

Dr. Deborah A. Jeffries is the Director of Healthcare Marketing for Polycom, a billion dollar industry leader in collaborative solutions. Dr. Jeffries utilizes her 25 years of experience in telemedicine, information systems, medicine, education and physics to understand customer needs and assist with delivering the best total solutions.