Recorded On: September 10, 2015

Be sure your business is ready

You may already know that Skype for Business is for you, but is your business ready to make the move? Since it arrived earlier this year, Skype for Business has changed the way we communicate and collaborate at work. But in order for it to be more than just another technology upgrade, you must consider how it becomes part of your overall communications model – from your technology landscape to key workflows and processes.

Establishing the right foundation before you deploy enables you to take advantage of all that Skype for Business has to offer.

Join the experts for a discussion on:

  • Hear what others are doing: The value that early adopters are seeing
  • Explore lessons learned: What successful organizations considered along the way
  • Identify next steps: Practical tips for seamless interoperability and strong user adoption
  • Get expert consultation: 5 attendees will be awarded a free onsite consultation to get the most from Skype for Business

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