Recorded On: October 17, 2012

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Basics of the Network, Server and Storage Class UPS. There are a lot of different UPSs out there! Learn where and when you should use different types of UPSs.

Next Steps to Improving Your Protection. A UPS will give you a level of protection against power anomalies, but your IT system could still be at risk. Learn how implementing communications with your UPS can dramatically improve your ability to react and manage your network.

Managing the Power Infrastructure within your Virtualized Environments. Virtualization is here to stay and Eaton offers a clear advantage vs. the competition with our integration of power management with all the major virtualization platforms. Learn how Eaton makes virtualization better.

Join Carousel Industries and Eaton to learn all about UPS management!

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Recorded On:
October 17, 2012

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Brian Cox
Product Manager, Eaton

Brian Cox is a product manager for Eaton’s Power Quality organization focusing on standby and line interactive UPSs targeted at the SMB IT marketplace. He has been performing technical marketing for over 10 years ranging in products from connectors, sensors, network access equipment and UPSs. Brian has a BS in electrical engineering and computer engineering from the North Carolina State University