How can I meet expectations on campus BYOD access within my limited budget?

Thanks to the plethora of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other assorted devices, today’s universities are faced with a BYOD problem that is growing in direct proportion to student populations. How can academia address the security, access, network flexibility and growth challenges which are now part of the IT “core curriculum?”

We help our education customers through the process of achieving persistent and pervasive Wi-Fi coverage and the agility to plan for the future (think smart-watches and Google Glass) so your secure wireless LAN can satisfy even your most demanding customers – your students. Members of the education sector can anticipate the following benefits from our education solutions.

Real-time secure access to a large base of mobile users and across user populations

Lower TCO from network infrastructure consolidation and reduced complexity

Increased flexibility and increased reliability from enhanced WLAN configurations

Enhanced scalability and fine-grained access control to accommodate diverse network usage needs

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