How can I boost campus safety through technology?

Tragically, campus security has become a critical factor in matriculation decisions and student retention rates. In addition to the core curriculum, students must learn campus lockdown procedures and emergency systems. How can technology enhance safety?

Luckily, campus monitoring and communications systems generate efficiencies in routine communications as well as emergency alerts, generating significant ROI for the school or university. Carousel engineers map out the right solution for your campus populations so all students, faculty, campus police and even first responders get the right information as quickly as possible. Members of the education sector can anticipate the following benefits from our partnerships with campus safety experts.

Flexible levels of access granularity allowing for customized distinctions between different campus user groups, including off-campus users

Three-way call monitoring so dispatchers can “cut in” to help on a 911 call or end the call if it does not concern public safety

Wi-Fi based call location capability covering all voice clients both local and remote, without hardware changes to the network

Precise location identification capabilities to geographically pinpoint a mobile caller, even within a building

Take a closer look at our technology solutions:

Wireless Networking

BYOD Devices, Wireless Infrastructure Components

Secure Mobility

Wireless Infrastructure Components, BYOD Secure Integration

Technology Partners for Campus Security

911 Enable, 911 ETC, Aruba Networks, RedSky.