How can I balance risk management with industry regulation?

For today’s oil, gas and energy industry members, regulations ranging from environmental concerns to business process management abound. Technology has enhanced our ability to deliver resources on a grand scale, but cyber (and physical) threats force the industry’s collective hand, requiring stringent security adoption policies. How to reconcile regulation with unique cyber security requirements?

We understand the technical tug-of-war presented by the need for preserving network flexibility in the midst of heightened regulation and security. And our engineers understand how to achieve that evasive balance for our customers between this metaphorical “rock and a hard place.” Thanks to our deep technical expertise, Carousel customers ultimately do manage to balance risk with regulation, flexibly and securely.

Enhanced network flexibility and efficiency

Scalable & comprehensive penetration testing

False reporting, enhanced detection analytics

Natural efficiencies resulting from network architecture design

Sophisticated proactive threat management

Centrally managed security & fine-grained access control

Take a closer look at our technology solutions:

Data Solutions

Networking, Security, Virtualization, Data Center, Power & Cooling

Security Audit

IT Security, Secure State partnership

SmartPoint Guard

Detection, Prevention, SEIM and Log Management

Secure Mobility

Wireless Infrastructure Components, BYOD Secure Integration