How can I ensure my customers’ data is safe?

Online security breaches are a daily occurrence as identity thieves run rampant through the cyber sphere. The resulting fear factor is leaving today’s financial consumers desperate to know that their data – and their funds – are sufficiently protected. How can financial institutions fend off security breaches and take back customer confidence?

Carousel engineers are experts on overcoming weak account security and network vulnerability. We advise our financial customers throughout the process of securing financial transactions and their associated technologies, end-to-end. From amending password protection (OTP is out) to shoring up cloud resources, we ensure that you and your customers will have peace-of-mind in knowing that your data is safe.

Next generation firewall technology for comprehensive network protection

Sophisticated threat management options plus web content filtering

Secure virtualization enhancements keep security elements working in harmony

Secure remote access SSL VPN for remote workforce collaboration

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Data Solutions

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Secure Mobility

Wireless Infrastructure Components, BYOD Secure Integration

Security Audit

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Data Center Virtualization Assessment

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