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Our State and Local Government team solves the challenges which hit close to home (public safety) and far abroad (national security), with technology operating at First Responder speed.

I need continuity of operations between response teams during a public safety event.

Preparedness training requirements to protect the public are an unfortunate fact of life. How can technology enhance responder collaboration? LEARN MORE  

How can Tele-justice applications enhance public safety in our local judicial system?

Prisoner transport can be logistically challenging. How can courts leverage live video to keep citizens - and prisoners - safe? LEARN MORE  

I’ve taken measures to boost security. How can I control hackers who do penetrate my network?

A determined hacker can overcome even the most robust security measures. How to minimize post-network-penetration damage? LEARN MORE  

I want to leverage advanced technology without the procurement red tape.

Technology can enhance our lives. But without a contract or purchasing vehicle, that opportunity is off limits. How to avoid the pain of procurement? LEARN MORE