I’ve taken measures to boost security. How can I control hackers who do penetrate my network?

A determined hacker can overcome even the most robust security measures, driving new approaches to sensitive data protection both at the State and Local Government levels. How can security solutions minimize the damage once a network has been compromised?

We offer security technology designed to both prevent network penetration and minimize the damage when a threat has succeeded. In fact, all of Carousel’s solutions reflect our security-centric approach – a necessity in today’s data-driven world. Our engineers and consultants assess the degree of back-end protection required and deploy the appropriate solution, ensuring you’re covered even for a dreaded “just-in-case” scenario.

Comprehensive penetration testing and security alerts

False reporting, tricking hackers into thinking progress has been made

Granular user control and next generation firewall technology

Enhanced detection analytics for violations and anomalies

Sophisticated, proactive threat management

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Security Audit

IT Security, Security Monitoring

Secure Mobility

Wireless Infrastructure Components, BYOD Secure Integration

Readiness Assessments

Data Center, Video, VoIP, Storage, Virtualization