Tele-justice applications can enhance public safety in local judicial systems.

Prisoner transport can be logistically challenging, especially with regard to preserving public safety. New limitations on live visits for prisoners add to state and government facilities’ struggles. How can courts leverage live video to keep citizens safe while ensuring prisoners get their family face-time?

Carousel’s Consultants and Engineers understand how to leverage the real-time video technology to enhance public safety while preserving prisoners’ rights. Users can communicate anytime, anywhere, eliminating the complex logistics of prisoner transport and the misery of reduced visitation. Our State and Local Government customers can see the difference!

Streamlined judicial processes through video visitation and judicial wall units

Time-savings from witness interviews via tele-visitation

Increased access to services in urban and rural areas

Reduced security risks and smaller backlog of pending cases

Eliminated in-person requirement for forensic lab presentations

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