I want to expand my business by offering a complete spectrum of services to my patients.

Providing outstanding service to all patients is every healthcare provider’s top priority, but excellence comes at a price and those prices are rising. How can members of today’s medical industry reduce the cost of doing business while preserving service excellence?

Carousel experts understand that healthcare is a business and cost control is a critical factor, just as in any other enterprise organization. Not even doctors are immune to the comparison-shopping facilitated by today’s ubiquitous internet access. We craft telemedicine solutions designed to expand your spectrum of services to accommodate your entire patient base.

Broader spectrum of services through collaborative telemedicine applications for sharing critical doctor/patient data

Faster access to specialists via referral and remote consultation through streaming video and remote image-sharing

Lower cost of operations through managed services options designed to scale to your needs

Reduced paperwork through EMR (electronic medical records) and wireless prescription entry

Take a closer look at our technology solutions:

Video Solutions

Telemedicine, Audio/Visual, Video Conferencing and Mobile Devices

Wireless Networking

BYOD Devices, Wireless Infrastructure Components

Managed Services

Network Monitoring and Alerts

Data Solutions

Networking, Security, Virtualization, Data Center, Power & Cooling