How can technology help reduce hospital readmission rates?

High readmission rates are a painful reality for today’s hospitals. Chronic disease management (CDM) has reached epidemic proportions and lengthy readmission processes are driving these rates even higher. How can hospitals reduce CDM costs while preserving quality patient care?

We work one-on-one with you to design a solution which will reduce the costs associated with CDM, plus leverage the inherent efficiencies of best-of-breed video, wireless and network infrastructure technology. Members of the healthcare industry can anticipate the following benefits from our healthcare solutions.

Lower readmission rates thanks to proactive remote patient monitoring and diagnosis between healthcare teams

Reduced CDM costs and fewer 911/ER visits through enhanced patient home health and enhanced communication during a patient crisis

Less readmission paperwork thanks to supported electronic medical records (EMR) and faster exchange of information

Faster staff communication via wireless / mobile access to patient data and enhanced network infrastructure

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