I need to meet industry regulations for data protection and security.

Private data is a prime target for savvy identity thieves whose methods have become increasingly sophisticated. Meanwhile, the insurance industry is under heavy federal and state regulation to ensure consumer protection is up to snuff. How can providers ensure their customer data is safe and that they are in compliance with industry regulations?

Carousel engineers have a firm grasp on federal security requirements, from the holistic enterprise environment down to individual email password protection. Our solutions are designed to prioritize data protection and we partner with industry leaders to ensure your information is secure. Whether you want to boost your existing solution or empower your agents with wireless capabilities, Carousel has the security solution to ensure your customer information is cyber-safe.

Scalable & comprehensive protection without performance degradation

Centrally-managed security and fine-grained access control

Next generation firewall technology for comprehensive network protection

Sophisticated threat management options plus web content filtering

Secure remote access SSL VPN for remote workforce collaboration

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Secure Mobility

Wireless Infrastructure Components, BYOD Secure Integration

Security Audit

IT Security, Secure State partnership

Readiness Assessments

Video, VoIP, Storage, Virtualization

Wireless Networking

BYOD Devices, Wireless Infrastructure Components