I need to make sure my transactions are PCI compliant. What are my options?

Shoplifters aren’t the only retail threat these days. With identity-theft and Organized Retail Crime at an all-time high, today’s retailers are under pressure to ensure their customers’ transactions enjoy sufficient security to repel hackers as well. PCI DSS – the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard – has become the benchmark for all non-cash transactions.

Carousel’s solutions offer the security and speed retailers need in order to keep customer queues flowing, quickly and in accordance with PCI compliance regulations. Our mobility engineers can identify and eliminate “dark zones” by heat-mapping your entire environment to ensure your customers’ security is preserved even in hard-to-reach network locations. Thanks to Carousel solutions, retail customers can say, “Show me the money!” with confidence.

Enhanced encryption, authentication and performance standards

Comprehensive security & consolidated wired & wireless policies

More accurate assessments of inventory and assets

More reliable coverage & connectivity even with interference

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