Business is booming but my infrastructure is flailing. How can I grow, affordably?

Successful retailers must ensure their technology solutions can keep pace with business. Unfortunately, infrastructure growing pains must be addressed before they stifle business growth! How can today’s retailers enable healthy technology solutions in conjunction with the growth of their brick and mortar locations?

Carousel consultants guide our retail customers through a proactive planning process designed to align business objectives with technology infrastructure. We nourish both of these priorities with flexible, sustained growth in mind, so the resulting retail environment AND your business can thrive, along with your customer base.

Efficiently connect dispersed sites with a head office

Manage critical info across applications and offerings

Enhance cross-channel communications

Better management and monitoring of shared services

Faster remediation of issues and trouble-shooting

Take a closer look at our technology solutions:

Data Solutions

Networking, Security, Virtualization, Data Center, Power & Cooling

Cloud Solutions

Contact Center, Voice, Video, Mobility, Presence

Readiness Assessments

Data Center, Video, VoIP, Storage, Virtualization

Collaboration Solutions

Voice, Video, Data, Mobility, Desktop, Messaging Presence