Travel and Hospitality customers know that our solutions are all business.

Carousel’s solutions and services don’t take vacations, but we understand the unique needs of our Travel and Hospitality customers. Our technologies work hard so you can focus on your primary business objective – making sure YOUR customers can relax.

I need to find new and better ways to WOW my guests. How can technology help?

Guests are trending away from cost-conscious “staycations” and splurging on a “quality” luxury experience – all with smartphone in hand. How to keep guests happy at work AND play? LEARN MORE  

How can I leverage video to boost my online presence and drive sales?

Streaming video has become, well, mainstream – and vacationers want to see what they’re getting for their investment. How to make sure a picture is worth a thousand… dollars? LEARN MORE  

My hotel sometimes hosts major business events. How can I be sure my IT is up to snuff?

Today’s hotels often double as convention centers, especially in larger cities. The robust communications demanded at these events require an IT infrastructure to match. LEARN MORE  

I need better collaboration with my staff to create a memorable customer experience.

Our web-based lifestyles have cultivated a culture of instant gratification which can wreak havoc in the hospitality industry. Housekeeping must respond to guest requests at SONET speeds, not analog. LEARN MORE