My hotel hosts major business events. How can I be sure my IT is up to snuff?

Today’s hotels often double as convention centers to host business events which can become truly mammoth, especially in larger cities. The robust communications required at these events require an IT infrastructure which can expand to support voice, video and data applications that all work seamlessly together, without a glitch.

Carousel’s Data Infrastructure team are experts in designing comprehensive infrastructure solutions that are flexible enough to scale up or down, depending on the demands of the hour. We understand how to integrate the right technologies to drive media-heavy events without being cost-heavy for our customers. So you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Enhanced capability to handle robust media activity

Flexible infrastructure designed to grow in scale

On-site business services for tradeshows and conventions

Reduced costs associated with cloud hosting and managed services

Take a closer look at our technology solutions:

Data Solutions

Networking, Security, Virtualization, Data Center, Power & Cooling

Managed Services

Network Monitoring and Alerts

Collaboration Solutions

Voice, Video, Data, Mobility, Desktop, Messaging Presence

Video Solutions

Audio/Visual, Video Conferencing, Cloud Video