I need to find new and better ways to WOW my guests. How can technology help?

As the economy improves and belts loosen, today’s guests are trending away from cost-conscious “staycations” and splurging on a “quality” luxury experience. But even while away from the office, many guests still like to have high-tech business services at their fingertips. Just in case that big deal comes through!

Carousel’s Travel and Hospitality team understands that your guests want to work AND play during their time away. Our technology solutions are designed to surpass even the most demanding guest expectations, whether they are getting down to business in your on-site office facility, or wirelessly extending their reservation while lounging poolside.

Business-grade audio-visual and teleconferencing capabilities

Robust wireless for remote check-in and online reservation management

Secure access to social media for travel and business updates

High-speed internet and comprehensive UC/VoIP for multi-caller convenience

Take a closer look at our technology solutions:

Cloud Solutions

Contact Center, Voice, Video, Mobility, Presence

Collaboration Solutions

Voice, Video, Data, Mobility, Desktop, Messaging Presence

Video Solutions

Audio/Visual, Video Conferencing, Cloud Video

Voice Solutions

Contact Center, VoIP, Cloud Voice