Cassidian “Emergency Services IP Networks” White Paper

A look at the importance of ESINets and the opportunities and challenges faced by the need to integrate them across organizations.

Cassidian “Aurora Management Information System for Next Generation 9-1-1 Solutions” White Paper

Provides an introduction to the latest generation of Management Information Systems and addresses the important role they can play in improving efficiency and performance tracking.

Cassidian “Vesta/Sentinel 4” Product Brochure

An overview of the Vesta/Sentinel 4 NG9-1-1 Call taking solutions. It describes the advanced features of the products as well as the Key Benefits, Operational Efficiencies they offer, Reliability and Scalability.

Cassidian “Orion Vela” Product Brochure

An overview of Cassidian’s advanced mapping application for the streamlining of Call processing by making it possible for mission-critical call takers to field calls, determine caller locations, and immediately dispatch response personnel.

Cassidian “Aurora” Product Brochure

An overview of Cassidian’s advanced MIS solution for Next Generation Emergency Call Center Management. Addresses the growing need for data mining capabilities not possible in legacy 9-1-1 systems.

NENA Interim VoIP Architecture for Enhanced 9-1-1 Services

The NENA recommended standard for the i2 architecture to support the interconnection of VoIP domains with the existing Emergency Services Network Infrastructure in support of the migration toward end-to-end emergency calling over the VoIP networks between callers and PSAPS.