Carousel offers a family of managed services and support that work in conjunction with Cassidian Support Services to provide the full spectrum of remote and on-site services required by NG9-1-1 organizations.

SmartPoint™ Managed Services

Carousel’s Smartpoint Managed Services solution monitors and aggregates information across the organization’s entire infrastructure, inclusive of networks, NG9-1-1applications, hardware, software, server and workstation operating systems. Carousel, working in close partnership with Cassidian Communications, provides the platform that makes this industry leading level of NG9-1-1 support possible. Our ability to monitor the entire system environment provides organizations with complete confidence that their mission critical NG9-1-1 systems are performing optimally.

Carousel’s proactive approach not only minimizes system interruptions but also decrease the mean time to repair (MTTR) for issues that arise. Smartpoint provides its proactive capability by combining event monitoring, real-time intelligence, security compliancy, patch management and other critical system support functions. Carousel’s Cassidian certified professionals, highly experienced with both traditional and newer more advanced technologies, monitor and effectively manage not only legacy systems, but also the newer, increasingly more complex and demanding, I.P. based NG9-1-1 systems.

System alarms and threshold alerts result in rapid response by highly experienced remote and on-site support personnel, assuring effective, timely resolution. Carousel also utilizes its monitoring and remote access capabilities as a vehicle for software and firmware patch management. These important services ensure security and reliability with scheduled patching and updating of firmware, operating systems and applications with the latest updates and security definitions. LEARN MORE  

Network Operations Center (NOC)

The heart of the Carousel single point of contact support model is our 10,000 square foot, 100 seat, 24x7 Network Operation Center (NOC). It is staffed by Tier 2, 3, and 4 engineer’s working 7/24/365. Carousel also operates redundant NOCs located in San Diego, CA; and Albany, NY.

The primary NOC, located in Exeter RI, is furnished with full failover capability to assure continuity of support should a catastrophic event occur. Site resources such as power, equipment and facilities have also been hardened. The monitoring platforms incorporate flexible distributed peer-to-peer architectures. This design ensures survivability of critical systems across the Carousel backbone.

This state of the art facility has been built utilizing the most advanced tools available to effectively support current and future NG9-1-1 technologies. Incorporated in its design is the ability to utilize predictive models oriented toward failure mitigation and rapid response. To assure optimized communication, all pre-assigned Agency support team members including: monitoring, incident management, dispatch, and help desk are located together in the Network Operation Center. LEARN MORE  

Support Deliverables

Carousel provides a host of critical services to its Public Safety customers 24 x7x365. Carousel’s advanced SmartPoint technology was purpose built to address the challenges that come with supporting mission critical NG9-1-1 systems.

SmartPoint Services includes:

  • 24/7 Proactive Voice Infrastructure Health Monitoring
  • Live, at-a-glance dashboard views
  • Intelligent Threshold Alerting, Notification & Escalation
  • Out of Service Response <15 Minutes
  • Standard Health and Event Reports
  • Quality of Service Reports
  • Asset and Utilization Reports
  • Software Release Management of monitored assets
  • Software Update notifications/reports
  • Remediation/Installation of updates
  • Service Level Management
  • Incident Management
  • 3rd Party Vendor and Carrier Management
  • Real-time and historical reporting
  • Capacity Planning
  • Automated reports
  • Performance Reviews
  • Remote Programming Services/System Administration
  • Remote maintenance services

SmartPoint Monitoring Service

Carousel’s exclusive SmartPoint monitoring service is designed to monitor and alert on both voice and data NG9-1-1 infrastructure issues. SmartPoint can be configured to interrogate different systems via SNMP polls and receive SNMP traps from devices and elements being monitored. The polling interval standard is every 5 minutes. In the event of an incident, the monitoring system can automatically triggers visual alerts to both selected customer and Carousel Network Operation Center dashboards. The system can also email notifications to designated IT team members and other personnel as desired.

SmartPoint provides comprehensive fault, performance and security monitoring, covering all NG9-1-1 hardware, operating systems, and applications. SmartPoint also utilizes industry best practices for monitoring NG9-1-1 infrastructure devices, including routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and applications for performance. LEARN MORE  

For more information on Carousel NG9-1-1 Call Processing Solutions, contact:
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