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Technology has changed the way towns and cities work. They seek innovative new technologies to improve efficiencies and stay connected. Finding ways to upgrade while offsetting costs is sometimes challenging.

There are a vast amount of virtualization, mobility and IP solutions in today’s market. These solutions help IT departments maximize cost savings and improve business continuity. Local government is clearly turning to technology to help them on their path to performing more efficiently in cost effective ways. Implementing more mobile and cloud initiatives while striving for a secure network is essential.

A joined IP network offers streamlined operations, reduced costs and scalability. The option to expand at your own pace, integrating cloud, mobility and VoIP solutions is ideal. Migration to a converged network can reduce operating costs, increase reliability and improve citizen services. Let Carousel work with you to develop solutions geared to the exclusive challenges and opportunities of local government.

Our State and Local Government teams solve the challenges that hit close to home. We design, deliver and support town and city solutions through our:

  • Local engineering and technical support teams
  • Ability to provide financing options
  • Work with state contracts to reduce the number of POs and centralize contact points
  • Managed services to monitor and manage voice, enterprise applications, video, data, and security to avoid service delays and combine billing

Today’s amazing mix of cloud computing, ever-smarter mobile devices, and collaboration tools is changing the consumer landscape and bleeding into government as both an opportunity and a challenge.

New expectations require the Federal Government [as well as local government] to be ready to deliver and receive digital information and services anytime, anywhere and on any device. It must do so safely, securely, and with fewer resources.

To build for the future, the Federal Government [as well as local government] needs a Digital Strategy that embraces the opportunity to innovate more with less, and enables entrepreneurs to better leverage government data to improve the quality of services to the American people.Office of E-Government & Information Technology


Additional Local Government Specialties Include:


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Cities and Towns’ Key Objectives

Given the challenges local governments face, they must plan wisely to deliver and receive digital information and services on any device. It must be done safely, securely and with less resource. We work closely with town and city planners to achieve the following technology driven strategies to improve workplace efficiencies and establish effective management systems in the support of quality local government services by offering:

Flexible options including cloud, mobility and VoIP solutions to create a combined IP network, which delivers streamlined operations, cost efficiencies and scalability.

Upgrade of voice platform from old legacy voice (increasingly expensive to maintain) to more flexible, less expensive telephony solutions. Avaya’s platform uses IP, digital and/or analog extensions taking full advantage of all the built in IP capabilities. This allows reuse of existing wire infrastructure to deploy the new solution and drive down costs. Whether you choose full IP or a mix of digital and analog, users can access unified messaging and real time collaboration; improving the abilities of government employees to work together, across locations.

Analyze carrier service fees to transfer the burden to an expert carrier service team. A thorough audit of your existing services typically uncovers 10-30% annual telecom savings.This is provided at no cost and no obligation.

SmartPoint™ Managed Support Services to reduce municipal IT staff spending too much time reacting to avoidable problems. Allow us to monitor and manage your voice, enterprise applications, video, data, and security, which will keep you current and combine vendor billing into one payment.