SecureState is a management-consulting firm specialized in information security. We believe in a different approach to information security.  We work with you as a partner to understand your business needs and then align your security strategy and tactics to accomplish your goals and objectives.  We convey this passionately by always doing the right thing for our customers to assist them as business advisors. We solve complex information security problems by using technical services to facilitate strategic decisions.

We distinguish ourselves by combining both a tactical and strategic approach to every engagement we have with our customers. This allows us to provide solutions at the program level, but it is important to stress that we don’t do everything when it comes to security (we’re product agnostic) and we may not be the right fit for some customers.  Our targeted customers use SecureState as an integrated part of their team, and rely on us to use our findings to provide solutions to underlying complex problems.

Bring us your security problem, and we will solve it.

SecureState. What state are you in?

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