Founded in 2001, Sonexis connects businesses with their customers, partners and employees through a powerful audio, web and HD video conferencing platform that’s easy-to-use, secure and cost-effective. Sonexis conferencing solutions are designed for on-premises or cloud based deployments and is engineered to provide the most flexible and dynamic conferencing experience for the enterprise. Our flagship product, ConferenceManager™2, enables businesses to leverage high quality conferencing without the costly pay-as-you go fees of subscription-based programs. ConferenceManager2 can be installed at a customer site in under an hour and scales easily from 12 into the 1,000s of ports of audio and web with HD video. Sonexis has become experts at integrating with a customer’s unique business processes for maximum functionality and return on investment.

With over 90% of our systems still in operation, Sonexis believes once you have purchased our application, you should own it perpetually. Our practice is to never terminate products and therefore our customers enjoy a very long lifecycle and very high return on investment. Sonexis is the preferred replacement option for any end of life product from other conferencing vendors. This allows the client to maintain the security, cost benefits and peace of mind of an on-premises or dedicated cloud solution. Sonexis is committed to providing lifetime product support and will not discontinue products you choose today.

Sonexis Specializes in:

  • On-Premises and Cloud Audio/Web/Video Conferencing
  • Large Operator Assisted Hosted Conferences
  • Web Casting (up to 15,000 participants)
  • Managed Service Bridge Deployments
  • Customer Focused Workflow Integrations
  • Redundancy and High Availability Architecture

Sonexis Resources:

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