Starfish Associates, the leading provider of telecom management automation, self-service and optimization tools offers technology that seamlessly integrates with, and leverages, an organization’s business systems and applications. Powered by three core technology platforms, our solutions are designed and configured to address any business need by “snapping into” an existing infrastructure to improve – rather than change – a process. Additionally, Starfish designs and builds custom applications when specialized solutions are required. By deploying our innovative solutions, customers experience wide-ranging benefits including streamlined and optimized processes for operational efficiencies, enhanced employee productivity and reduced operating expenses.

As an Avaya, Cisco and Microsoft development partner, Starfish offers unified communication and contact center solutions that add value to these platforms to effectively and efficiently unify telecom and IT.

Starfish Specializes in:

  • Automation - Automates telecom tasks/service orders to streamline workflow & business processes.
  • Self-Service – Empowers end users and delegated administrators to perform authorized changes to telephony resources.
  • Monitoring & Optimization – Enables proactive monitoring & optimization of telephony resources to improve business operations.

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