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  • Solution: Voice
  • Application: Contact Center
  • Market: Public Safety

Aquarion Water Company, in the midst of a series of important corporate acquisitions and working to meet the challenges of a rapidly growing base of customers, realized in 2011 that their 85-seat call center would not effectively scale to accommodate their new customer service demands.  Of particular interest was their Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system - the software platform tasked with answering, responding to and routing incoming customer calls.  Their existing Avaya Interactive Response 1.2 system, well past Avaya’s announced manufacturer end of support, was becoming increasingly expensive to maintain and unable to adequately support the utility’s growing volume of incoming customer calls.  In addition to the technical challenges presented by their outdated platform, Aquarion was finding itself confronted by an increasing number of customer complaints stemming from failures in their call center.