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  • Application: Call Recording, Contact Center
  • Market: Retail

Call centers have long been a corporate necessity, providing a crucial connection between a company and its customers. Historically, while they've been expensive to operate, to most it was simply a cost of doing business.

Download this whitepaper now and examine four emerging technologies that can help companies make more effective use of their contact centers, in the process driving additional ROI:

  • Speech analytics software that helps companies make more effective use of the call recording technology that many have been using for years
  • Multimedia capabilities that intelligently integrate the various modes of communication that customers now use and enable a more efficient response
  • Workforce management software that uses predictive models to ensure the right level of staff and more effective use of outsourcers
  • Proactive outbound outreach techniques that help companies differentiate and drive additional revenue

For more insights, download this free whitepaper now and get started!