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  • Solution: Data
  • Application: Mobility Solutions, Wireless
  • Market: Insurance

When Hartford Fire Insurance Company issued a request for proposals on their new wireless project, most proposed solutions failed to meet all of Hartford’s requirements. Experienced and knowledgeable about Hartford’s business and varied technology needs, Carousel Industries proposed a highly scalable solution based on state-of-the-art Aruba wireless networking. Properly designed and deployed, an Aruba network would offer reliability, security and ample bandwidth availability - along with the centralized management options that Hartford was searching for. After careful evaluation and regular meetings with Hartford’s IT team, Carousel engineers proposed an Aruba network solution based on the Aruba 6000/M3 Mobility Controller architecture. A second Aruba 6000/M3 controller would be installed as a redundant disaster recovery system, in place to maintain uptime and ensure continuing operation in the case of service failure.